Imagination at the Centre of my Life

Welcome to my new blog and the first post.

Here is where I finally share with people that I am finally going to try to do; what I have always loved but never dared to confess. I am going to have a good old go at this writing business.

I have always loved reading others’ words and the sharing of their imaginations. I have written presentations, testimonies, speeches, the odd wedding poem… However, I have never been true to myself and pursued my love of writing.

We live in a world that values work and concrete proof of having a job that keeps a roof over our heads. Writing cannot always guarantee this, unless you get ‘lucky’, are exceptionally talented, or possibly both. I may not be either. I may one day be both. How will I ever know if I do not try?

I am finally placing a long-suppressed imagination that has been desperately seeking a voice, at the forefront. I am nervous and anxious but more than this, I am excited.

I may never be a famous author. There will be people who do not like what I write. I may sometimes not like what I write! But I love writing. I need to do what I love. I need to stop listening to the naysayers, including myself.

How do you measure writing success anyway? It has already given me a strong sense of purpose and satisfaction since I began, in earnest, a few months ago. Therefore, in my eyes, I have already succeeded.

This is a team effort!

Imagination now takes centre stage in my life. I hope to share with you and know your encouragement. Comments and constructive criticism are always very welcome with each blog and sharing of my writing. I need to start building my cheerleading squad! Get your pom poms out and let me see ’em!

P.S. Future blogs won’t always be so serious. That’s if I can master comedic writing skills…

P.P.S. Stop looking for the typos and grammatical errors. I know you’re looking…

About Lisa Sell

Lisa Sell is a fiction writer. When she's not wrestling with words she can be found showing the love for chocolate, cheese, coffee, books, the cats, and the husband. Perhaps not in that order.

2 comments on “Imagination at the Centre of my Life

  1. Yay well done to you! I can remember when I got my wordpress site and embarked on sharing my writing for the first time ever…so scary! But wow, it leads to so much more. Wishing you success and satisfaction and above all else, fun!!

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