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#WhatYouDontSee – Depression Awareness Week

So, here it is. If you read my last blog entry ‘#What You Don’t See’ this will make sense. If you haven’t, shame on you. I’m shamelessly plugging these posts. Don’t make me look silly now.

In honour of Depression Awareness Week, here is my first EVER shared piece of fiction writing. It’s short but hopefully useful. Be kind if you think it’s rubbish, everyone has to start somewhere. Don’t steal it if you think it’s good. My lawyers are watching *frantically looks up Saul Goodman in the Yellow Pages*.

Exclusive! Extract from my novel

In my experience, people regularly find it odd that a person with depression can experience periods of ‘normality’. Heaven forbid that you might just crack a smile. This messes with the minds of the ‘depression uneducated’. Your head should be the erratic one, not theirs. Step in line, oh depressed one and follow the misery status quo. You told them you’re depressed so what the hell do you have to grin about?

Are you actually laughing? The world threatens to topple off its axis. Did you not receive your copy of the ‘Everyman’s Rules for Doing Depression in the Expected Fashion’? You are supposed to be languishing in a darkened room, hand dramatically laid across your furrowed brow, listening to The Cure and occasionally licking the windows. You are most assuredly not supposed to be smiling.

 I’d like to say I’m more informed but the murky truth is I’m not. Today I found myself cracking a smile and I immediately cast a telepathic apology to ‘Mr. Depression Monster’ for letting him down in expressing a modicum of happiness. When he sinks his claws in ‘Mr. Depression Monster’ owns you. He is that scary creature you’ve feared since childhood, lurking in the seemingly safe places; ready to grab your ankle. The under-the-bed boogie man will come and get you if he sees that frown turned upside down, and there will be a price to pay.

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