Oh so Very Routine: a new way for Mondays!

Mondays are about to get more awesome, bearable or annoying. You decide.

This one is a quickie, fnar fnar… You may only understand that aside if you have ever watched a ‘Carry On’ film or are a little inappropriate. Welcome to Brit world.

I have decided now that I am becoming a Proper Grown Up Writer (TM), to sort out some kind of writing routine good n’ proper. This is to keep me away from the devious clutches of social media, the lures of crappy daytime TV, and the wily whispers of the many flipping streaming apps we have in this house. Procrastination is a git.

I have been establishing a routine and it seems to be working(ish). Writing is my job so I have to treat it as such. After all, I wouldn’t rock up to the office two hours late, in my PJs, and trying to catch an episode from the latest Netflix box set I am caning.

So Proper Grown Up Writer (TM) routine it is…

I am committing to sharing a shiny  new blog post with you wonderful specimens of readers every Monday.

Let’s face it, Mondays generally suck. They are that uninvited visitor that you try to hide behind the sofa from, turn off all the lights and pretend you’re not in, when they visit.

Mondays though are persistent buggers. They will find their way in. Therefore let’s make them more entertaining. Let’s read my blog posts! Not much for me to live up to, eh?

I won’t be posting at a specific time. I am a Brit which means it will be in daylight Brit time. It will always happen after coffee and becoming more conscious in the morning.

To those who don’t live in Brit world, I’d change the whole time zone rules if I could but the Equator and the general magic that does that stuff isn’t playing ball. Therefore you may get my posts a little later than the Brits, but this isn’t ‘Game of Thrones’ so don’t worry about spoilers.

I may add the odd cheeky extra post just to keep you on your toes. I may not be arsed to write get run over by a bus, or be bogged down with other writing projects, so don’t leave me if a post doesn’t appear on a Monday. I will make it up to you.

But I will endeavour to remain true to my word and commit to Mondays. Bleugh though. Routine is just so very…routine. That’s enough adulting for now, I’m off to shovel cake in my gob like a greedy kid at a birthday party.

About Lisa Sell

Lisa Sell is a fiction writer. When she's not wrestling with words she can be found showing the love for chocolate, cheese, coffee, books, the cats, and the husband. Perhaps not in that order.

17 comments on “Oh so Very Routine: a new way for Mondays!

  1. I’ve enjoyed having a set day for a post. If I feel inspired to write one early, I just schedule it to land on Friday. Also helps if I want to build up a few posts and not have to worry about writing new ones for a couple of weeks.

    1. Thanks for sharing. I think it’s the way forward. Just as we commit to watch a TV programme on a certain day, I think blog posts benefit from doing likewise.

      I may add extras in when inspired and if the post needs immediate publication e.g. responses to current news.

      I often write posts in advance, store them, then give them a few tweaks before posting. I couldn’t stand the pressure to write at the very last minute. I’m not much of a pantser!

  2. I have the Monday blues every Monday without fail. You’re right Mondays sucks and I often wake up in the mornings wishing it wasn’t Monday. Too bad that’s not something I can figure out to get rid of. Good luck with your writing routine and he’s to next Monday convenient disappearance.

  3. Blog posts are one of the things I try to make myself have a routine with. It’s just better that way. And I haven’t gotten to the point where I’m so prolific that I’m scheduling them in advance, but hopefully someday. Maybe even soon! Good luck with the new routine. 🙂

    1. Certainly not that prolific Alex! I just need to remember to get out of bed on a Monday!

      The routine is more for me in regard of setting up my working week. I’m under no illusions that people are sitting, staring at their devices on a Monday from now on, waiting for my latest post! My husband would, bless him, but I inform him it’s there before he gets a chance to find out!

  4. Love your new Monday routine commitment to writing… great! I think it would work out really well.. and am looking forward to reading your blog posts! Cheers 😄😄

  5. Cake, you said cake..now I want cake. Ew, Mondays do suck. Most of them, except for the ones that I’m off work and free to roam about like a (not so) graceful gazelle. I’m going to become a new follower, I like your snarkiness!

    1. Cake makes the world go round.Fact.

      Pleased you’re enjoying the snark. It’s been many years in the making! Great to have you on board. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  6. Mondays is really how you perceive it. And I love how you explained it here. Social media has its tricks, you just scrolled for a moment (you think) then look at your watch turning like its on drugs without feeling it .

    1. I have found it really helpful having a blogging and writing routine. When I started blogging it was taking over my fiction writing time. Now I have a regular blog posting day I know what I’m doing other days.

      I could blog more than once a week if I was blogging alone but my novel needs attention too. I’d advise to try a routine out and see how it works for you. All the best with it!

  7. Yay finally something to look forward to on monday’s. Roll on next monday & i love a good carry on aside!

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