I Need Your Help: When Hope and Charity Begin at Home

Dear Friends,

I’m not good at asking for help. Are you? I tend to think that I’ll be a burden to people if I ask for something of them.

I’m also a feisty little madam who often thinks she can do it herself. It drives the Husband round the freaking twist sometimes.

This time I acknowledge that I can’t do this alone, so I’m asking for your help.

My Mum’s Terminal Cancer Diagnosis

You may or may not know that near the end of last year my mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer. It was a shock and has understandably shaken my family ever since.

We continue to see each day through and we are thankful for every day that she stays with us. We try not to give in to the Badness. Read more about it here: A Letter to My Loved One’s Terminal Cancer

My mum and family would not be able to keep going without the help of the local hospice, Sobell HouseSobell House website

I thought previously, like many of us may do, that hospices were places of doom and gloom where people go to die. Whilst it is true for some patients that they will die in a hospice, the majority of patients go for respite care for various illnesses.

Sobell House, as with all hospices, also provide care outside the actual building.

I have been amazed at how they regularly visit my mum at home to see how she’s doing. They have provided her, free of charge, with mobility aids and equipment, given financial advice, sorted out grants and just listened as my mum and family shared their griefs and pain.


Not a single penny has been asked for from my family.

Hospices rely upon donations. They cannot work without them.

I Need Your Help

Sobell House Winter Walk - help
Run Forrest! Oh, you’re walking. Awkward.

I know your eyes may be rolling now. Here we go, another plea for money. It’s January and I’m skint. She can do one.

That is of course, your prerogative (I only used that phrase so I could ear worm you with Bobby Brown’s ‘My Prerogative’ by the way). You don’t owe me or Sobell House anything.

I could tug on your heart strings and make you feel guilty about how I slave over a hot laptop, writing you wonderful blog posts every week *cough* but that’s not my style. Oh, I already did…

I could also mention that it’s my mum’s birthday on 10th January and this would be a fab present but that would make me a cunning little so-and-so, eh?

Joking aside, I just ask you to consider, as a way to help this bloody marvellous hospice, sponsoring my brother in a four mile walk he will be undertaking for them on Sunday 15th January.

It’s flipping chilly in the UK at the moment so if you couldn’t care less about hospices at least consider sponsoring him for manning up and going out into the freezing cold.

He has a Just Giving page for you to donate toDaniel Cross’s Just Giving Page for Sobell House Winter Walk.

You then have the added bonus of seeing what one of my siblings looks like. Something a little extra for you stalkers out there.

Please Help Us and Others to Have Some Hope

Puss in Boots - please
Nope, not resorting to any form of manipulation at all…

If anything, it has given my family and me hope every time we have seen a donation come through on the Just Giving page. It means that people not only care about Sobell House but they care about us.

I know money can’t buy love (have a Beatles earworm now) but it can show that you care, especially when  you’re living across the world.

No amount of money that you donate can be too small. A few pennies, dimes, Euros or whatever your currency is, all create a ripple.

Every day we feel useless. We sit and watch our mum as she keeps on fighting through and occasionally falling into fear, as many of us would. Sobell House has lightened the load.

I want my mum to see that there is still good in the world, before she leaves it. Please consider being a part of that by making a donation to sponsor my brother.

We need all the love and hope we can get right now. Thank you for hearing me out and for being, as ever, wonderful readers and followers of this blog.

Here’s the Link Again

Daniel Cross’s Just Giving Page for Sobell House Winter Walk

No Pressure of Course, I’ll Still Love You

Chain links - help
Have some more links. Er… Got this wrong haven’t I?

I understand if you are not able or do not want to donate.

Please do not think that I will be using my blog to start pleading on behalf of charities from now on. I know we are deluged with it.

Although there may be a ‘Donate Your Spare Dairy Milk‘ initiative coming up soon. Not for me, of course *shuffles away awkwardly*.

Have a Last Cheeky Link

Daniel Cross’s Just Giving Page for Sobell House Winter Walk

Thanks for reading this. You’re all awesome, amazing and anything else great that begins with ‘A’.

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