25 Reasons Why Books Beat Real Life

Books are escapism from the real world.

Bookworms are smart cookies. We know when we crack open a book, we can go wherever our mind and the author care to take us.

Sometimes we need books to take a break from real life.

Reasons Why Books Beat Real Life

1.We can hate a person and never have to feel guilty about it because they’re a character and written as an evil git.

2. We get to laugh at someone’s interior decorating choices without having to pretend to their face that we love what they did with their kitchen.

Reasons why books are better than reality - a book a day3. We don’t need to go through the faff of getting ready for bed, getting in it, and trying to sleep, to dream. Books take us into dream worlds as soon as we crack them open.

4. We don’t have to speak to people even though they are ‘talking’ to us through the book. They expect nothing back.

5. Books don’t expect us to comb our hair, get changed out of our PJs, and brush our teeth to be pleasant to be close to.

6. We can take a book to bed and it will never kiss and tell.

7. We can take a book to bed and it won’t snore, fart, or talk in its sleep.

8. Books can be put away tidily on shelves. Human beings cannot.

9. Books don’t judge you if you put them down in the middle of your communication. Humans get miffed if you put them down mid-conversation.

10. Books have more backbone and solid spines than some people.

11. Books don’t mind you sniffing them. Humans will be disturbed if you try doing the same to them.

Reasons why books are better than reality - a book is a dream12. You get to know the ending of a book, if you want to, before you reach it by reading the last page. Real life doesn’t allow you this luxury.

13. Books don’t accuse you of using them when you borrow them from the library and return them. People have issues with being used and left behind.

14. A room full of books is a beautiful thing. A room full of washing, dirty dishes, ironing, and the like, is not.

15. Books have sequels and can be part of a series. Life is just one novel.

16. You can edit and revise books. Once you make a mistake in life, it’s done forever, no matter how much you try to make amends.

17. When real life is wearing you down and never seems to get better, a book shows you worlds where it can improve, how others negotiate issues, or that others have a worse life than yours.

18. Books understand introverts. Many people don’t, unless they are one.

19. We can pretend to be a character as we read, using our vivid imagination. In real life, if we dressed like the Gruffalo, people would worry, or think we’re collecting for charity.

20. We can ‘book cheat’ on our partners with the main character, without fear of separation or divorce.

21. Books don’t make comments about the amount of chocolate we snarf whilst in their company.

Reasons why books are better than reality - fantasy and reality22. Real life can be mundane. The right book never is.

23. Buying a book is a delight. Buying the groceries, unless you’ve smuggled a book into it, usually isn’t.

24. Books sometimes tell us something about ourselves we never knew. Real life and all our hang ups can keep those aspects hidden.

25. Real life demands much of us. Books demand only our attention which we give willingly.

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