Why Do I Keep Blogging?

Don’t worry. This isn’t a ‘woe is me, no-one reads my blog’ kind of post. Some more followers and comments would be lovely though.

I’ve been blogging for quite a while now and I think it’s time to assess how it’s going.

Why I Began Blogging

I could come up with some fake noble reason as to why I began blogging. Maybe I could say I was doing it for you. That’s not the truth though.

When I started writing I absorbed every piece of writing advice out there. Over and over it seemed that a writer needs a blog.

Newbie writers will act on most of the advice given. Thank goodness no-one is having a laugh with us and telling us to do ridiculous things. You know what I mean. Like starting up a blog and committing to it for the rest of your natural life.

I began a writing blog. I didn’t have a clue where it would lead. I could hardly tell other writers how to write when I had just started out. Instead I wrote about what I was discovering along the way. That approach has stuck. It seems to work.

Why I Sometimes Feel Like Quitting Blogging

Why Do I Keep Blogging? - laptop in binI’m no amazingly confident blogger extraordinaire. There are times when I wonder if I should continue. Many bloggers will relate.

In the first few months I could have easily given up. I confess I’m the most impatient person sometimes. It was tough not having many followers or feedback. Then I realised it was about playing the long game and getting real.

This is not in the niche of the incredibly popular. If I changed to writing about food, babies or fashion, and did it well, I could have so many more followers. The issue is, that’s not what I know.

I could monetise this blog but that was never my intention. I have little to offer to make money from it anyway. Spammers who keep spamming this blog, this is not an invitation to spam me even more with how to make money from my blog!

There are still days when I know I’ve worked hard on a post and I either get no answers or only a few. I’m not going to pretend that makes me happy. I can say it doesn’t make me sad though. You see, I write this blog for me as much as for others.

What I Get From Blogging

Blogging hones my writing skills.

Having to write succinctly is good practice for revising and editing longer works.
Blogging helped me to find my writing voice.

When I started writing fiction, I thought I needed to have a flowery, ornate voice. I can write eloquently and with high-falutin’ language when I want to.

I studied the classics and know fancy-schmancy words and phrases. The problem was that when I wrote them, they didn’t sound like me.

What you read in my blog is about as close as it would be to having a conversation with me face-to-face. Friends have even said that my posts sound just like me. I take that as a compliment.

I continue blogging because it suits the chatty person inside this introvert. The written word allows me to let out all the stuff out. It also saves my poor husband from earache.

What I Hope I Give Others from Blogging

Why Do I Keep Blogging? - blogI have never, and will never, profess this blog to offer sage writing advice and tips. If my fellow writers get anything from my posts that help them with their writing I would be both honoured and surprised.

I keep it real. I hope other writers read my posts and feel like they can find a kindred spirit. I hope they encounter another writer who struggles, laughs at themselves, and is honest.

I never want the readers of my posts to feel like I am judging them or telling them to best way to write. There’s too much of that already out there. Writing is a tough enough gig as it is. Let’s build each other up rather than tear each other down.

For the non-writers who read my posts, I hope I give you more insight into writing and its realities. I hope my posts that aren’t about writing interest you too.

I hope I give you plenty of ‘me too’ and ‘we’re in this together’ moments.
When I write about depression, I’m honoured when someone tells me that I helped them in their illness.

When I lament how tough writing a novel can be, I’m heartened when a fellow writer encourages me to keep going and I do vice versa.

I hope my posts act as a conversation between me and you. This is why I love getting your comments and replying to them.

Why I Will Continue Blogging

I will continue blogging because there is always something to say!

As long as I am writing, I will always have something to write about it.

As long as I am living, there will always be something to complain, rant, get excited or laugh about.

As long as this blog survives, I will keep growing and it will be a privilege to have you alongside me. Thank you for being a part of it until now.

Over to You

Why do you blog? Do you enjoy it, view it as hard work or do it under duress?

What is your blogging story and what have you learnt about blogging?

Why do you read and follow blogs?

About Lisa Sell

Lisa Sell is a fiction writer. When she's not wrestling with words she can be found showing the love for chocolate, cheese, coffee, books, the cats, and the husband. Perhaps not in that order.

18 comments on “Why Do I Keep Blogging?

  1. Nicely put! As you say, the long game. Plus:

    1. I find writing helps me organise my ideas and work through issues – and if my thoughts are of any help or interest to anybody else that’s a bonus.

    2. My blog has become a personal diary of my ups and downs. It’s encouraging to look back the the things I wrestled with two years ago (for example). My early posts are pretty embarrassing to re-read – but I’ve resolved not to delete or change anything.

    1. I love your reasons for blogging. They certainly resonate with me.

      It is important to keep the older, possibly more cringy posts. I know mine certainly are!

      Thanks so much for commenting.

  2. Great post, Lisa. I think I started my blog for very similar reasons. It seemed like a really fun way to test out my writing voice and hopefully get some feedback. It led to connections and friendships and increased confidence. Sadly, I don’t get the time lately to blog once a week as I would love to. I have loads of blogs in scribbled note form, and lots in rough draft form on my site, and many more floating around my head, but it’s just getting the time to do it I struggle with now! Congrats on all you have achieved so far. It’s been a real pleasure to watch your writing grow through your blog!

    1. It is much harder to keep up a blog than many people think. Just coming up with ideas takes up time.

      I’ve enjoyed reading your posts too. Totally understand how it’s a battle to post weekly.

      Thanks so much for your comment and continued support of my blog and writing. It helps a lot!

  3. I really enjoyed your post and can understand why your blog works so well for you. I’m not sure if the same goes for me. If I don’t post for a while I feel guilty and if I do post and nobody is interested I feel panicked. I think it’s time I changed my attitude and started writing posts for the love of it.

    1. Consistency is the key. If you commit to writing posts on a regular basis, it will come more naturally. Patience is important too. You won’t get responses at the beginning or even sometimes a few years later. Blogging is a tough gig. It can feel like no-one is reading your posts but that’s not true. Just because people don’t comment doesn’t mean they’re not reading. I’ve read many posts and not commented. We have to try to remember that when we feel like giving up.

      Writing for yourself is the best way. See your blog as something for you. You will get so much more enjoyment out of it that way.

      Thanks for commenting, Debbie.

  4. I find blogs harder to write than novels, so fair play to you, I love to read them. Thank you for your thoughts Lisa.

  5. Brilliant post as always, Lisa! I also started blogging with that mindset of I ‘should’ do it, and it was so hard at first. I think I actually took a break for about six months or so, and after shifting from weebly to wordpress I also managed to lose half my old posts. Not that I’m entirely sure that was a great loss…? 😉

    I do enjoy it now – most of the time, anyway! Sometimes I’m still sitting there on Tuesday night needing something for Wednesday morning and wondering what exactly I’m doing, but the discipline has been fantastic practise. Because I write a lot of short stories to post too, I also find it makes my writing tighter and more efficient. But the best bit has been connecting with other writers – that’s been amazing.

    1. I agree with so much of what you’ve said here.

      It is a good way to get disciplined. Much as we hate it, even if they’re self-imposed, deadlines are important and having a commitment to blogging on a certain day certainly helps with that.

      I’ve enjoyed reading your blog posts. I particularly like how you also mix it up a bit. Sometimes there’s only so much you can write about writing!

      I love how blogging enhances being part of a community. Long may it last!

      All the best for your continued blogging. You’re doing a great job!

  6. I can certainly confirm she always has something to say. And all if it lovely and welcome to me, of course (nurses aching ears)

  7. Interesting post Lisa. It’s nice to hear why you started blogging and what you do and don’t get out of it. It’s a bit like life, evolving over time. Keep those early posts they show how far you have come. Thanks as ever for sharing ypur inner mind workings Sarah xx

  8. Wow…! That was so relatable. Thank you for the post. For a blogger like me who is just in the initial phase of blogging, this helped a lot.
    You’re right. There are several reasons to quit blogging as one has to be patient in this course of writing and still not getting any response from others. But the reason that it is a means for introverts like me to pour out their heart I love blogging and will continue to do so.
    Have a great day ma’am. 🙂

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