20 Ways to Come Up With Blog Post Ideas

Blogging isn’t as easy as it may appear. These posts don’t just happen, you know.

Any blogger will tell you that there are times when the blog post ideas aren’t coming.

Here I am, with wise and learned advice for my fellow bloggers. Not really but hey, this made a blog post. So there’s a thing.

20 Ways to Come Up With Blog Post Ideas

1.Get a cat. They can write posts for you. Really. Check out The Feegle Cat Chronicles. That cat is taking over the blogosphere.

20 Ways to Come Up with Blog Post Ideas - blogging cat2. Get a cat. Write about the cat.

3. Get a cat. Share lots of cat pics and videos. Go viral. Because. Cat.

4. Get someone to guest post. Hope and pray they don’t write better than you and all your followers follow them instead.

5. Have an adventure and write about it. The more silly and comedic, the better. Off you go to Peppa Pig World, on your own, dressed as a Womble, then.

6. Blog about your writing woes. That’s the next decade covered.

7. Blog about your writing good days. That’s one post covered.

8. Blog about food. Food blogs are very popular. Food porn is where it’s at. By ‘food porn’ I mean ogling pictures of gorgeous food and not committing depraved sexual acts with food. That’s far more ‘specialist’ than I’m able to help you with, you freak.

9. Blog about babies. If you don’t have one, steal one, observe it, then stealthily put it back in its pram.

20 Ways to Come Up with Blog Post Ideas - simplified blogging10. Blog about children. Stand outside schools and observe their antics. Actually don’t. You’ll find yourself on a list and while it’s exclusive, you really don’t want to be part of it.

11. Cane a box set and then review it. You’ll probably be semi-conscious after watching it throughout the night so don’t expect quality writing here.

12. Eat chocolate. Blog about how marvellous chocolate is. Eat more chocolate just to make sure your words are factually correct. Write some more. Wipe chocolate marks from your keyboard. Repeat.

13. Drink a vat of coffee. Write about the life-giving properties of coffee. Drink more coffee. Write all the posts, induced by a hyper-caffeinated frenzy. Stay awake for the next month.

14. Write something stupidly controversial that will garner many responses. Realise that making stupidly controversial statements also makes you the most unpopular person on the planet but hey, you wrote a blog post. Who needs to be able to sleep safely at night anyway?

15. Get your other half to write a blog post about what it’s like to live with a writer or blogger. I genuinely did this by getting the husband to write: Advice from a Writer’s Husband. The husband was given a set of very strict instructions, including not mentioning my various peculiar habits. Yep, he didn’t listen, bless him.

16. Blog about your interests. Bore everyone not interested in your interests silly but keep your fellow geeks more than happy.

20 Ways to Come Up with Blog Post Ideas - food blogger17. Blog about fashion. Fashion blogs are HUGE. Even if you have the fashion savvy of a blind dodgy old man mac wearer, fake it. Tell fashion world that flasher macs are the latest in street chic. Watch (or probably don’t, it will be distressing) as the whole world flashes under their macs.

18. Blog about your most personal and private life. People are by their very nature bloody nosey. We want to know other people’s secrets. Forfeit your privacy but know you have whacked out another post.

19. Blog about cheese. I’ll read it for sure.

20. Make a blog based on a list of ways to do something you have no expertise in. Blag it until you get to the end.

About Lisa Sell

Lisa Sell is a fiction writer and blogger. When not wrestling with words she can be found showing the love for chocolate, cheese, coffee, the cat, and the Husband. Not particularly in that order.

4 comments on “20 Ways to Come Up With Blog Post Ideas

  1. “Blag it until you get to the end.” The writer’s life in a nutshell, no?

    Now I’m off to try out the coffee thing. That sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

  2. As a blogger getting ideas for new blog posts can be a challenging task, but I really like the easy ways you’ve shared that we can come up with ideas. Thanks

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