The Words and Phrases I Love to Love


Everyone should have a shenanigan or two, daily.

For the unfortunate few who have never encountered this word, the Oxford dictionary states it’s,

Secret or dishonest activity or maneuvering.

My shenanigans tend not to be dishonest. Well, in my twenties and when alcohol was involved, possibly so.

Now I’m in my forties they’re largely about being a bit of an idiot and having a bit of fun. Okay, not much has changed, apart from the alcohol consumption.


Words and Phrases I Love to Love - numptyThank you, Scotland for such a marvellous word.

The Urban Dictionary states a numpty is,

Someone who (sometimes unwittingly) by speech or action demonstrates a lack of knowledge or misconception of a particular subject or situation to the amusement of others.

Basically a numpty is an idiot.

I like to call myself a numpty at regular intervals, usually when writing. It sounds less harsh than ‘Absolute f***ing moron’.


A doofus is also a bit of an idiot. They are the person likely to make a social faux pas or say something ridiculous.

Yep, I call myself this on a regular basis as well.


The Urban Dictionary defines a donut as,

An individual whom is extremely stupid. Lacks intelligence and common sense.
If you were expecting a ringed pastry or one of those bad boy big old British doughy numbers with shedloads of jam, apologies.

I’m sure you’ve detected the running theme of my favourite words being related to idiocy. Welcome to my life.


I was most disappointed recently to find that people were asking me what blagging is after I used the word in a blog post. I didn’t realise the word hadn’t travelled widely across the globe.

A blag is,

To convince by rhetoric; to gain acceptance or approval through persuasive banter or conversation; trickery; keenly persuasive; to scrounge by means of conversation.

Thanks again Urban Dictionary.

I love a good old blag.

As a person who talks for Britain once she’s warmed up and is a wordy one when writing, this is my hallowed word and action.

I’d like to think I’m good at blagging. I want to be that clever and persuasive. The truth is I’m rubbish at it. But I’m blagging it.


Words and Phrases I Love to Love - shenanigans and malarkeyI’ve noticed many of my favoured words have Irish origins. This is entirely coincidental. I don’t have an Irish bone in my body.

The Oxford Dictionary defines malarkey as,

Meaningless talk; nonsense.

This is my word. I thrive on meaningless nonsense. I built a blog on it.

Sometimes the husband looks at me as I’m jabbering at him and is astounded by my rhetoric. I’d like to think it’s that but when he asks, ‘What the actual shit are you talking about?’ I know I’ve been engaging in malarkey again.


Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a derogative term. In our house if you’re called a shithead, it’s said with love.

The husband, cat, and I are all called shitheads at some point. It’s a term of endearment. The cat even responds to it now.

You know when you love someone more than life itself despite the fact they do annoying things? That’s a shithead.


Words and Phrases I Love to Love - cockwombleIt’s not new but it’s still marvellous.

For those unfortunate ones who have never heard this word, it means,

A completely useless person that spouts constant bullshit

Of course this is taken from the Urban Dictionary again. The Oxford Dictionary hasn’t caught up yet.

I am regularly a cockwomble and proud of it. I love that the word is linked to the Wombles who were wonderfully cleaning up Wimbledon Common back in the day. Not to be confused with cockwombles though who have added cock because they’re numpties.


One of my most favourite places to be.

It’s quite a harsh-sounding word if you say it too fast.

Beds are lush and comfortable. Draw the word out slowly and you can almost feel that cushiony mattress below you, the downy duvet wrapped around your body, and your freshly laundered sheets kissing your body.


I am often in the state of discombobulation.

Life is flipping confusing.

Writing is confusing.

Trying to come up with ideas for blog posts often makes me feel discombobulated.

I Love Her

Word and Phrases I Love to Love - cat ladyUttered eleventy billion times a day about the cat.

A phrase that does the husband’s head in because he has to hear it eleventy billion times a day.

Each time the cat moves, it’s said. If Feegle yawns, it’s said. If she sleeps, it’s said many times.

She’s a Beauty

Again said about the cat on a regular basis, often to her.

That cat is getting a seriously big head from all this adoration.

Such Loveliness

Regularly mentioned to the cat. Bloody hell, I need help.


Cake is life.

Cake is an essential food group.

Say the word enough times and you will want it. Cake is a bewitching word.


Chocolate is also life. Even better in cake.

Chocolate is an essential food group.

Chocolate sounds cheeky. The ‘ch’ sound just adds to its naughtiness. Just me?


Another ‘ch’ sounding word. More fatty naughtiness.

Cheese is such a wonderful word, we even say it when someone takes a photo.

Book/Novel/New Book/Bookshop/Library

I cannot respond. I’ve gone to book bliss heaven.

Just About Anything in the Urban Dictionary

Word and Phrases I Love to Love - nerdjackingYou may have noticed many of my definitions have come from this cheeky little dictionary.

What’s not to love about a site that expands my vocab towards dubious horizons?

Go check it out now and learn the wonders of word and phrases such as wook, doucette, back bush, and resting moron face.

Over to You

What are your favourite words and phrases? Why?

About Lisa Sell

Lisa Sell is a fiction writer. When she's not wrestling with words she can be found showing the love for chocolate, cheese, coffee, books, the cats, and the husband. Perhaps not in that order.

8 comments on “The Words and Phrases I Love to Love

  1. Good post Lisa, it made me chuckle. Plonker is frequently used in our household, as is twonk, both terms of endearment between myself and my husband. My husband sometimes calls our cat Ginger twonk too. Because he’s ginger and can also be twonk -like. I wonder if those two words are in the Urban Dictionary I’ll have to buy one and find out, sounds like a good laugh too!

  2. You’ve listed quite a few of my favourites there – including discombobulated, which sums up my life in generally rather well. I still have a certain affection for conglomeration, too, having learned it while reading Chitty Chitty Bang Bang as a wee small thing. I can still roughly remember the definition, too…

    Less respectably, I’m also a fan of twatwaffle. It’s generally used around here to refer to someone who’s done something endearingly amusing (not the cat, because due to her cat-ness that’s classed as adorable). I also use dimmock a lot, which I’m not even sure is a real word. That one’s reserved for myself, while editing.

    1. Twatwaffle is a favourite in our house too. I could have added so many of these types of words but grew concerned about the more delicate readers.

      Conglomeration is fabulous. Thanks for the reminder.

      The urban dictionary says dimmocks are breasts. Not sure if you know of Charlie Dimmock who was a TV gardener unfortunately famous for not wearing a bra. So, there’s a thing…

      Thanks for commenting, Kim!

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