A Cat’s Way to Solidarity Not Competition


Hello there, cat worshippers! It’s time for another instalment of The Feegle Cat Chronicles. This post is all about looking for solidarity, not competition.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or not following Cat Slave #1’s social media (shame on you), you’ll know there’s a new kitten in town, or in our house, anyway.

The New Arrival

Cat's Way to Solidarity - WullieIt was a shock when the humans went out. Not that I mind them leaving. It’s a great opportunity to get my other cat buddies around and party. We’ve got a system where we clean the fag ends and beer cans out quickly.

The shock came when a little ball of fluff appeared from my cat carrier. It turns out this is Wullie and he’s the other cat.

I don’t mind admitting that I had the right royal hump. I was supposed to be the only source of fluffy, purring cuteness around here. This kid rocks up and slays them with his tininess. He made me look fat and no girl likes that.

The Competition

Cat's Way to Solidarity - Feegle cat splatI hissed, growled, and went off to a corner to sulk. There was no way I was going to get involved.

I was hiding my fears through cat histrionics. Underneath it all I was worried the humans were trading me in for a sleeker model, that my bum looked too big in this fur, and they had traded me in for an annoying Duracell bunny of an animal that never seems to stop moving.

I took to the arm of the sofa and did my best cat splat. Try this out when you’re having a bad day. You sprawl and drop a few limbs. If you want to go full-on diva, I suggest the monorail where all limbs drop and you raise your eyes to the sky.

Now that the humans had Wullie, I feared they wouldn’t want me. I’m getting on a bit now I’m two-years-old and I’m not as sprightly as I once was. Okay, I can be lively, I just choose not to be. Because, cat. Sleeping is underrated.

Wullie had to go.

The Mission

The mission was simple: eject the Wullie.

I gave him the stink eye, hissed some more, pinned him down when he wanted to play, and sat on him if I had to.

That kid is like a bungee rope. He keeps springing back. Nothing I did deterred him. I tried to figure out my next strategy.

The Revelation

Cat's Way to Solidarity - Wullie and Feegle chillingIt was while I had a mouthful of Wullie’s ear and one of the cat slaves was checking it was still intact that I had a revelation; Wullie likes me. I had been a git to him because of jealousy and insecurity.

Littl’un follows me everywhere because he looks up to me. I am his big sister. Although I still remind him we’re not blood related so when he’s a pain in the bum, I don’t feel disloyal in crushing him.

Wullie is the annoying but secretly lovely younger sibling that idolises you and follows you, wherever you go. It’s kind of cool, really, and useful.

When we’re having a tussle and the humans are trying to sleep, I always give them innocent eyes or saunter off and let Wullie take the blame. I think the humans are getting wise to my less than cunning plan now, though.

Now I know Wullie adores me, we’re working on a plan to leverage him up to the cupboard that holds our treats. I knew getting a new cat was a good idea.

We Are United – Just Don’t Tell Anyone

Cat's Way to Solidarity - Wullie and Feegle sleepingDon’t tell anyone, but I love that kid. I try not to let it show but have been caught out a few times when we’re sleeping. Flipping humans have to take pictures of anything. I just deny it all. Wullie sidled up to me. Under no circumstances did I touch him. I’m far too aloof and cat for all that nonsense.

No one knows that I look for Wullie when he’s not around. It’s only in the interests of chewing his ears or getting him into trouble, of course.

Solidarity Not Competition

Okay, confession time. There is a moral to this post. I thought another cat threatened my existence in the Sell household. I was wrong.

Cat's Way to Solidarity - Feegle and Wullie hugThe Cat Slaves have enough love for two cats, and annoyance too when Wullie gets us into trouble. I now get extra belly fusses and chin rubs.

I also have my own personal body warmer when Wullie nuzzles up. I’ve already put him into training for winter. I like having him nearby. Well, sometimes.

Humans, stop seeing each other as competition. All that running about, hissing, and ear chewing will tire you out. Either get on with it and ignore each other, which I do when Wullie starts 4 a.m. shenanigans, or work together.

Look at your competition with fresh eyes and you might see someone a little like you. I found a friend in Wullie, whose back I will always have. Unless he steals my secret treats stash. Then he’s on his own.

Over to You

How do the cats in your home get along? The Cat Slaves were worried we’d kill each other. We haven’t. Yet.

Do you try not to see people like you as competition, such as fellow writers, work colleagues, other parents, other students, and the like? How do you do that? Is it hard?

How adorable am I? You may lavish me with compliments in the comments. Any comments about how cute Wullie is will be deleted. (Cat Slave #1: No Feegle, they won’t).

About Lisa Sell

Lisa Sell is a fiction writer and blogger. When not wrestling with words she can be found showing the love for chocolate, cheese, coffee, the cat, and the Husband. Not particularly in that order.

12 comments on “A Cat’s Way to Solidarity Not Competition

  1. I laughed so hard! They’re SO adorable!!!

    Ours are good together as well, I don’t regret a thing – you know I have a similar constellation at home as you do.

  2. Double doses of adorableness. Clearly Feegle has worked all of this to her advantage, which is exactly as it should be. Am now expecting many more cat-based posts…

    1. As if it was ever in doubt that Feegle would rule.

      More cat-based posts on their way. Feegle insists they will still be written by her and not Wullie.

      1. Well, obviously. She is a mature cat of much greater wisdom, and is not about to have *her* blog standards brought down by a 2,000 word treatise on feathers vs. catnip toys.

  3. I love this post, so glad Feegle has accepted him. The photos are great they look like bosom buddy’s now. Wullie is so adorable too, don’t tell Feegle I said that though!

    1. They have their moments, like most siblings. We’re pleased with how they’ve accepted each other though.

      I’ll whisper to Wullie later your appreciation.

      Thanks for commenting, Debbie.

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