25 Possibly Silly Ways to Deal with Writer’s Block

Let’s be clear, writer’s block is a thing. Some will tell you it’s not, that you are feeling doubt and fear, which you can get over.

I don’t know what causes it but I do know it’s real.

That inability to write feels like a block of cement sitting on your typing fingers, weighing heavy on your tired, empty brain.

Here I am, once again, with some advice.

I’m no writing guru. There will be snark. If you want sage words of wisdom, go consult Buddha or the Bible.

25 Possibly Silly Ways to Deal with Writer’s Block

Silly Ways to Deal with Writer's Block - writing nonsense1.Go for a walk and keep on walking. Walk until you get an idea even if this means you outdo Forrest Gump for mileage.

2. Type random letters over and over. Eventually you’ll get an actual word. If you’re lucky it might even become a sentence.

3. Scream. It won’t get any writing done but it feels bloody marvellous to let that angst out.

4. Have a kip. Hope you have a dream that you can remember when you wake up to make into a story.

5. Let the cat come up with something. They sit on the keyboard anyway so they might as well earn their keep.

6. Discover an obscure book no one has ever read and claim it as your own. Do not mention this blog post when you’re sued by some old writer dude’s estate.

7. Eat chocolate, It contains feel good stuff in it. This will lessen the pain of not being able to write.

8. Do not speak to other writers who are working on something. You will want to hurt them.

9. Speak to other writers who have writer’s block. Choose those who have been in the darkness longer than you to make you feel like you have some hope.

Silly Ways to Deal with Writer's Block - staring at screen10. Grab a previous piece of writing and type it backwards. Hey presto, you wrote something.

11. Find something on the internet that annoys you. Write a response or an angry letter to it. Your irate fingers will fly.

12. Read a crap book. Be inspired that you can write better than that.

13. Read an amazing book. Be inspired that words are beautiful things and you want to manipulate them into something amazing too.

14. Watch a box set. Pick up some plot lines and character ideas, even if this means you have to sacrifice the next four weeks to Netflix.

15. Look at a picture or painting. Write your response to it. Make a story about the picture. This is actually sensible advice. I’ll try not to be so grown up and sensible in the future.

16. Be brave and leave your writing cave. The world outside is a scary place but you need to venture out in it to gather some experiences. There are only so many times you can write a novel with the main character being a writer, unless you’re Stephen King.

17. Have a row with your spouse. Don’t make up. Instead write a list of why you’re pissed off with them. Do not send this to your spouse unless you want a divorce.

18. Become an internet troll. Everyone will despise you but hey, you’re writing. Actually, forget this one. Don’t be an arsehole.

19. Write the sequel or prequel to your favourite novel. Check with the author before publishing because copyright is a thing and it’s a good thing.

Silly Ways to Deal with Writer's Block - writer's block story20. Write blog posts. You’d be surprised how many words spill out of you when you blog. Oh, you’re not surprised. You’ve read my wordy posts. Awkward.

21. Sit in a public place such as a café and record the conversations people have around you. Note their appearances too for future characters. Don’t stare too much if you don’t want to get arrested.

22. Go on holiday. Stay in that country until you can write again, even if it means you have to apply for a visa.

23. Talk to people. Sorry introverts, I know this is painful. People have stories. Prepare yourself for boredom when your nan mentions the same thing four times in a row though.

24. Break the internet. Not in a Beyonce fashion. Literally make your internet not work. Social media procrastination feeds writer’s block.

25. Tell yourself you’re quitting writing because you no longer have the ability to write. You’ll be surprised by the sudden flow of words when what you love is threatened.

Over to You

What methods do you use to combat writer’s block? Silly or serious suggestions are both welcome.

Can you write my novel for me please?

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