Winner of the 2016 ‘Positive Writer Website’s Writers’ Crushing Doubt Blogging Competition’Winning Entry Post – allow me a little boast eh?

The obligatory background bits first, to keep you informed (so I’ve got something to copy and paste into the back cover when this novel is done).

I was born and lived most of my life in Oxfordshire. I bade a sad farewell to the Shire around four years ago and currently live in Bournemouth with my rather amazing husband (he’s reading this so, you know, in the spirit of matrimonial harmony and all that).

I practically hoover up books when I am reading, I also hoover a lot anyway. I am tantamount to a housewife on crack when crumbs dare to fall. My husband gets hoovered every time he dares to eat anything pastry-based. I hate hoovering. Really.

I do have a life outside of the one I share with the vacuum cleaner (nothing untoward). I love music. It rocks my world (other genres are of course available, and often better). This is starting to sound like a flipping dating site profile. Been there. Done that. Got the husband.

I am a former English teacher who spent a large proportion of her life teaching others how to write but shied away from having a go herself. Yes, I was ‘that cow’ that made you share your work with the class, whilst horrified at the thought of doing so herself. You’re getting your own back now, aren’t you?

After many years of life getting in the way, as it likes to do, I decided in early 2016 to have a go at this writing business and see what happens. I have been telling ‘writery world’ (TM), to ‘do one’ since my first crushing rejection from a major don, i.e. my English teacher, at the tender age of 11. More of this is covered in my posts. Therapy is still not suitably diminishing the pain, so blogging it is.

I aim to take little jumps of faith every day that I can do this – leaping sounds like exercise. I know there are a gazillion other writers out there and maybe I’ll never show the kind of fruit expected against those lucky, talented, blagging authors that are on your bookshelves. However, I do this because it has to be done, and you never know, someone may buy my book one day (cheers husband). I am working on my ‘bragging party’ right now. This will include freebies with every book purchased.*

I will endeavour to blog my way through this process. The world will be set to rights, insights given, humour bestowed by the bucketful, and the blogging world will be set on fire. Okay, let’s just aim for it being occasionally readable.  Go on, try it, you might like it. Hmm, all enjoyable, and occasionally illegal, things in this world have begun with this statement.

Draw up beside me and let’s take a stroll. I could use the company. Bring a chocolate or a cheese-based product if you’re rocking up though. We may need it.

*Freebies will be a surprise. Read as ‘whatever toot we manage to find in the ‘bits and pieces’ drawer in the kitchen. The universe fits in there. You may just strike gold. Or at least add to your takeaway menu collection.

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    1. Huge apologies for not replying sooner! WordPress wasn’t notifying me of comments made for a while. So frustrating!

      Thanks so much for your congrats and nomination. I’m not 100% sure I will participate in this due to ill health but I’m touched that you felt my blog worthy of nomination. I wish you well with yours.

      1. No worries at all.I just enjoyed your blog and wanted to show some appreciation 🙂

        Sorry to read you have been unwell. Sending wishes your way for good health :*

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