The obligatory background bits first, to keep you informed (so I’ve got something to copy and paste into the novels).

I’m a thriller writer. No, I didn’t write the song, Thriller. I’m not that flaming old, cheeky. I write the kind of books that are, well, thrilling. 

I practically hoover up books when I’m reading.  A few got stuck in the pipe along the way and made me want to be a writer. I let it get blocked up for years but now we have a new writing filter. 

I love music. It rocks my world (other genres are of course available, and often better). Eighties music and anything of that era is a fabulous thing.

I have two cats called Feegle and Wullie, named after Terry Pratchett’s Nac Mac Feegles. The husband is a huge fan. The fur-gits take up a lot of my time. Cat wrangling should be an Olympic sport.

I regularly run to lug my writer’s bum about and have become a bit of a running bore. If it didn’t happen on Strava, life officially ends.

I am a former English teacher who spent a large part of her life teaching others how to write but shied away from having a go herself. Yes, I was ‘that cow’ who made you share your work with the class You’re getting your own back now, aren’t you?

After making the first big step, I’ve been negotiating the twists and turns of writery world. More of this is covered in my blog posts. It’s cheaper than therapy.

Buy my books. With every book sold I might just give you a freebie, if you’re lucky. *

Draw up beside me. Join me on the rollercoaster. Bring a chocolate or a cheese-based product if you’re rocking up though. We may need it.

*Freebies will be a surprise – read as ‘whatever toot I find in the kitchen ‘bits and pieces’ drawer. The universe fits in there. You may just strike gold or at least add to your takeaway menu collection. Freebies only available as and when the husband puts random crap in there.


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    1. Huge apologies for not replying sooner! WordPress wasn’t notifying me of comments made for a while. So frustrating!

      Thanks so much for your congrats and nomination. I’m not 100% sure I will participate in this due to ill health but I’m touched that you felt my blog worthy of nomination. I wish you well with yours.

      1. No worries at all.I just enjoyed your blog and wanted to show some appreciation 🙂

        Sorry to read you have been unwell. Sending wishes your way for good health :*

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