5th April 2019: Note to self: don’t be so rubbish at updating this News section!

This blog now offers posts fortnightly rather than weekly. This is to help me have a writing and blogging schedule that’s more manageable, along with providing consistent good blog content.

I have written the first novel in a thriller series which is being submitted to agents. As many of you will know this is a long, laborious, and occasionally difficult process.

The second novel in the series has been written and awaiting the dreaded editing!

16th June 2017: ‘The Mighty’ have published my piece, When a Low Mood Makes You Frightened Depression is Returning. They changed the title from my original but the sentiment is the same. That’s editors for you, ha ha!

4th June 2017: ‘|The Mighty’ have published my piece, The Challenge of Running When You’re Depressed. This took some time to get published after it was accepted so do be aware that it was when I started running. I’m now doing a lot better with it!

1st May 2017: I have had a piece published on ‘The Mighty’ website about how having cats has helped me through depression. Feegle is becoming famous! How My Cats Have Been Therapy for My Depression

16th April 2017: I have once again contributed a post to ‘The Mighty’ website. I’m really proud of this one as it soon had over 2000 likes and numerous comments on the site. I always consider it an honour to write about depression and to help others: ‘When You Have to Come to Terms With the Possibility of Having Depression for Life’ on ‘The Mighty’ website

5th April 2017: I have contributed a blog post to a fellow writer’s site, Anthony Clark-Morgan. It’s great to be guest-posting and I hope to do more so in the future: ‘Why Writing is Like a Horror Novel’ Guest Post

31st March 2017: I have an article published with ‘The Mighty’ website. This is site which focuses upon highlighting the struggles and eradicating stigmas regarding illness, disease and life issues. I am proud that I can possibly help others who have been through a miscarriage with this piece: The Emptiness of an Early Miscarriage on ‘The Mighty’ Website

8th March 2017: I have had a piece published with the wonderful ‘Tommy’s’ #misCOURAGE campaign about my early miscarriage. The campaign is there to help people share their miscarriage stories and to do so without shame or prejudice. It’s a great charity. Here is my piece on their site: The Emptiness of Early Miscarriage on ‘Tommy’s’ website

3rd January 2017: I have been interviewed by a book blogger. This is quite exciting for me as it’s the first time I’ve been interviewed in my role as a writer. Guess it’s starting to become legit! Read the interview here: Tuesday Talk Interview with Jo Lambert

26th June 2016: I only went and won a flipping blog writing contest! Excited is an understatement! It was for the Positive Writer website and here is my winning post all shiny and sparkly on the site: ‘Aaargh, she won’ post!

6th June 2016. My newish Facebook writer’s page would love to see you over on the dark side. I’ll even chuck in a lightsaber if you’re good, or bad, depending on whether you prefer hammy villains or dodgy cloaks… Lisa’s Official Facebook Page

6th June 2016. Today I finished the first draft of my first novel. Yay! Check out my post Job’s a Sort of Good ‘un for more info.

20th May 2016. Nothing groundbreaking, just a progress report… I’m about 3/4 of the way through my novel. After numerous drafting, this stage will probably become about two pages into my novel. Plugging away some days. Fingers flying over the keyboard other days. Still believe I should be writing this whether it gets published or not. Writing against the tide that states the first novel is usually the one you cringe about the most. We will see. Everyone has to start somewhere…